Monday, August 15, 2011


I need to stop saying that I'll "never" do something. Because whenever I say that, sooner or later I end up doing exactly that.


Watch that one be the one that doesn't work.


A few weeks ago I gave my cousin Chrissy a massage at her place. She kept asking me why I wasn't doing that as a business. Then today, I gave another massage to someone who got in touch with me through my yoga teacher. In lieu of payment I received some lovely fair-trade turquoise earrings and a handmade Indian scarf. The other day, my friend's sister asked if I wanted to do 20-minute massages as part of an integrative medicine workshop/conference/thingy next month, where I would have the opportunity to hobnob with many people working in alternative health fields. FUN.

The thing is, the more I do massages outside of my workplace, the more I'm enjoying them. As much as I'm getting burnt out giving massageaftermassageaftermassage in a dark room with no time in between and hardly any break, I feel freedom in setting up my table in someone's living room while the dog or cat investigates my linens. I'm free to give them the full hour, or to run a little late if I need to. I think that people relax more in their own setting, and I encourage them to pick their own music, as they know best what relaxes them musically. I feel like the energy flows better and that everyone (me included!) lets go and enjoys the moment much more fully.

The idea of actually owning my own business petrifies me. The tax situation alone is the main, gigantic reason I don't do it. I mean, I know enough to hire an accountant and to keep track of mileage and receipts and everything but....


I dunno. It just seems that the Universe is putting this out there as a possibility. I'm not making any huge leaps one way or the other, but I am noticing it. I'm taking advantage of the opportunities it is placing in front of me, but I'm kind of waiting to see what actually ends up manifesting.

Holy crap. A business of my own? Eep.

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