Saturday, July 16, 2011

You know what goes out the window...

... when the guy you're head over heels with suddenly calls it quits for no apparent reason?

Healthy eating habits.

Although, I must say I've done a lot better this heartbreak around than I have in years past. Yes, there has been more chips n' dip than there should have been (my weakness and crutch), that bag of m&m's lasted longer than I thought but not as long as it should have, and I've drunk enough diet soda to drown an ox. But overall, because of the heat and the time of year, my comfort foods have been homemade grinders (subs for you not in New England) and black raspberries that I picked myself on my morning walks.

But of course, when you eat three homemade grinders in one day, it doesn't matter how healthy the ingredients or how much smaller they are than store-bought. You still over-did it.

So, for the next few days I'm going to pare things down and eat a bit more simply. I'm digging out a couple recipes I used back during the cleanse and will be eating off those for a few days. I am NOT in any way, shape or form doing the cleanse. I'm not emotionally prepared or willing to do that at this point. But I can tidy things up a bit and undo some of the chips-n-dip damage.

I'll be heading down to the farmer's market in a couple hours to stock up on yummy summer goodness with which to make these recipes. As they are winter recipes and it is of course, summer, I'll be tweaking them a bit to reflect the gorgeous produce available right now. But the goal here isn't to hose out my insides and completely readjust my doshas; just maybe wipe the dust off a few things to pretend we cleaned for our visitors.

I'm also going to start re-integrating yoga into my life. When I was going through Hell Job, it really helped support me, ground me, and gave me a release from the complex emotions swirling around. I find that once again I am needing its grounding support, and I am blessed that I have the flexibility of working it into my schedule twice a week. So that is what I am going to start doing. The plus of this is, if I decide to move forward with the teacher training next year, I'll be more physically prepared than I am right now. But at the very least, I'll have someplace where I can go twice a week to find peace.

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