Friday, July 8, 2011

Whoah, Nelly!

Yesterday after work I got a massage from one of my co-workers. It was a very needed massage, between all the work I've been doing and the emotional upheaval I've been experiencing. When he asked what I was after for the massage, I listed the physical things I wanted attended to, as well as "peace and comfort." He offered to do some reiki, and I thought that would be a nifty idea.

Hoo Boy was it ever.

Everyone experiences energy transference in different ways. Some people will see it, some people can feel the energy moving, some people sense warmth, and some people will feel nothing at all. Generally, I'm in that last category. The key is to understand that while you might not be feeling it like you think you should, things are still working and your best bet is to just be open to it.

My first indication that I was truly feeling the reiki wasn't until about the halfway point of the massage. After doing some neck and shoulder work, he did some energy work while gently holding my head. It was subtle and at first I was just enjoying the gentleness of it. Then I got a woosh of feel-goodness. That's really the only way I can describe it. I just suddenly felt happy, that everything was going to be okay. That everything was okay.

The second indication that I was in the middle of some serious energy work was when he did some reiki over my solar plexus/second chakra. For those of you not in the know, those two areas essentially cover most of your belly area. Anyway, when he started work there, I could feel warmth radiating through his hands and into my chakra. It was intense. I mean, his hand are relatively cool, so the fact that I felt the warmth through a blanket and sheet and that it permeated my core was pretty intense.

After that, I was in a deep state of relaxation. By the time he got to my feet, I was having visions of sunlight dappling through trees, and gardens with flowers and a lovely green lawn... I have no idea where this wonderful place is but it was beautiful and peaceful. I was zoned. Heck, I think at the end of the massage I was slightly stoned!

I am still feeling the wonderful effects of the reiki today, and I'm going to try and hold on to them for as long as possible. If you ever have the opportunity to receive reiki from an experienced practitioner, please do so. Be open to the possibilities; like I said, you don't always feel it in a physical sense, but the changes can be both subtle and profound. Energy work can manifest itself in a plethora of ways, you just have to be open enough to let it in and do its work.

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