Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's "Enchanted Tarot" Card

Seven of Wands

Seven of WandsA lone, but stalwart figure stands defiantly in front of the battlements. He could retreat behind the stone walls to protect himself but courageously he has taken this challenge. His face is determined, his shield held high, and his magical staff is more than equal to the seven flaming wands arrayed against him. At his feet, a great red blossom flowers, embodying all the things he has nurtured and cared for - loved ones, the land and all living things upon it. He firmly believes that values and ideas long established, tested and supported, must be defended. If justice is not forthcoming, he alone will resolve all difficulties. He know that he can hold his own by confronting his problems directly. When challenged in the extreme, he cannot compromise.

You are challenged to stand by your beliefs and values. Do not be afraid to personally defend what must be defended. Only by being assertive will you win the day. Trust your judgment and intuition and believe that, even if the situation looks forbidding and difficult, you will know how to handle it. Remember that the difference between heroic and cowardly behavior is that a hero or heroine goes forward in spite of fear.

Yeah, I'm liking this card a LOT better than the nightmare card I pulled a few days ago...

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