Sunday, July 31, 2011


My posts have not been very upbeat and perky lately. I am still struggling, and while I keep on keeping on I think it is going to be a good long while before I am truly past this. And I found to my great dismay last week that if I "fake it until I make it," I end up crying hysterically on a coworker's shoulder and not able to function at all. So at this point I'm just trying to be with it and function at the same time. Which is not the easiest place to be, but here I am.

Anyway, I wanted to post this. I found it in a recent Yoga magazine. I'd post a link, but unfortunately the magazine itself has been recycled and a google search on the article came up with nothing. So... if anyone knows the actual link, please let me know! This is just an excerpt from the article. Most of it is here, I just didn't want to type all of it.

10 Tips for Finding Your Path to Synchronicity
by Allan G. Hunter
(originally published in Yoga Magazine [?], pp 86 and 87)

1. Keep an open mind and observe what you feel.

2. Work with what arrives. It might just be that the annoying 9 year old who is trying to tell you something has real, useful information for you.

3. Have faith that there is a bigger picture. The forces of synchronicity sometimes take time, but they always bring forward what they need to.

4. You will be tested along the way.

5. Be kind and act with purity. No action is so small that it doesn't have a consequence, and believing otherwise is an invitation to dishonesty.

6. Synchronicity will not proceed as we expect. That's because it operates according to a larger plan we cannot fully understand. So don't become dismayed if it looks like things aren't going according to your plan. You're not in charge of the Universe. There's another plan. Respect it.

7. It's not about you. Synchronicity does not exist to make you comfortable without your effort... We all have parts in this, there are no passengers.

8. Keep your eyes and your heart open. The more you become attuned to what is happening the more opportunities you will see opening before you, even if some of them look like hard work.

9. Enjoy the ride. Once we let go of the need to try and force things along, we can relax and see the beauty of our situation.

10. Express gratitude. 

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