Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Deeds

Last week my landlady's daughter got in touch with me. She wanted to know if I was willing to help out her mom once a week, to check her mail and to make sure bills got paid, and to make sure she was remembering to take her medications. Real simple stuff, but if I agreed to do it I'd get a reduction in my rent. As I already had suspicions my landlady needed some help, I agreed.

My first session with her was yesterday. She had a huge pile of mail and whatnot that totally overwhelmed her. It took us nearly two hours to go through that stack, weed out the bills needing payment, and file away the statements. I ended up filing the statements myself, mainly because she had someplace she needed to be and it would have taken another 30 minutes if she'd done it.

The medicine was another fiasco. She was out of two medications. One of which I'm not sure if the company forgot to send or if she forgot to order. It could go either way. I made sure I was there when she called the company to check on it, then her daughter when she needed more help.

My landlady is so lonely. She's down there all by herself and her family is so spread out that they rarely come to check in on her. She's not really able to maintain the house like she used to, and she knows it. She gets frustrated that her memory is shot all to pieces, and she misses her husband something fierce. Still, after 20 years she tears up when she recounts how he died.

I came upstairs after I was done and wrote a long email to her daughter. I think she has already decided that my landlady will be living with her permanently come winter, but she needs to know that things aren't entirely as good as they should be now.

After I sent that email, I went into my bedroom and cried my heart out. That poor, lonely woman.

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