Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daily Enchanted Tarot

Four of Swords

Four of SwordsIn a place of seclusion and stability, a calm, centered Buddha sits in a position of meditation. He has retreated from strife and is relieved of all anxiety. The pyramid shape around his body creates a healing space. Clouds representing the confusion and pressure of the everyday world are parting, and all that remains is the purity of the connection to the eternal earth and the infinite stars. This is a time of grounding and re-charging. After the sorrow of the Three of Swords, with the hurtful results of too much attachment and self-pity [it's amazing I haven't drawn that card yet!], the Four of Swords shows a person withdrawn and protected from any difficult situation. By allowing the cosmic forces to flow through him, the Buddha has gained mystical insight. This period of quiet retreat to be alone with his thoughts has been needed.

You have met this Buddha on your journey and he will teach you to look inward now, to accept and understand. In doing so you will be healed and renewed. This is a time for strategic withdrawal. Take sanctuary where you may find it and retreat in the midst of life's apparent chaos. Reflection, self-examination and meditation are called for. You will receive guidance from your Higher Mind after a much needed period of repose.

This is a much-needed card for me... and I think it is not just mine. Sometimes you need to pull back from everything and just be with your thoughts for a while. I have received a few answers over the weekend, although I kinda had to look for them a little. Some people are worth fighting for, and I'm not walking away without a fight. But maybe I need to back off for a little while. 

I get that. So today, I'll just head back to work after a GORGEOUS holiday where I got to see a long-lost friend (Hi, Becky!!!). I'll enjoy the beautiful weather, I'll enjoy hanging out with my other friends. I'll live, I'll enjoy, and I'll get on. And that is what any of us should be doing. Living, enjoying, getting on with our lives.

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