Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Dream Last Night

Last night, I had this amazing dream (if you couldn't tell from the title of this post). I was in this magic shop with my brother of all people. It was one of those wonderful, eclectic shops full of hodgepodge that you could spend days going through. A little cluttered, a little dusty, but full of light and possibilities.

On of the shop's owners called me over and started telling me about my life as it stood at the moment, and what was happening. She was dead on, to the point where it was eerie. The ironic thing was I kinda sorta knew I was dreaming, but it felt like I was getting Information. Like this was real. Like the magic was palpable and I needed to Pay Attention.

It was one hell of an experience.

Pity I can't remember a DAMNED thing that woman said.


All I remember is something about dragons (good, I think... like maybe they'd be helpful) and that the Devil has taken an interest in my love life. Which would explain a LOT.

So... either hoping that more comes to me throughout the day or I need to be on the lookout for guiding dragons and Devils trying to make things worse.


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