Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letting Go

Every once in a while, my desire to let things that I'm clinging to go manifests as a physical thing. These past couple of days, I've been desperate to get rid of things that I no longer want and/or need. I've started another Goodwill box, and as the days have gone by it's been filling up. 

I've also felt the need to reorganize and generally clean my space. Which, if you know me in real life at all you know that this is a very rare event indeed. I spent a good portion of last night re-organizing my bedroom; putting things away, putting things in the Goodwill box, making a pile of things to be thrown out. 

It's a rainy, dreary day here. I'm thinking this evening it may be time to tackle the living/kitchen area. I've already started by putting a few things in the Goodwill box. But this space could definitely be decluttered.

I guess if this physical manifestation of letting go is going to help me deal with the things I need to deal with, then it's a good thing. Plus, less to pack if and when I move out of this joint. 

Does anyone know of a good coin drop where I can "let go" of about $20 worth of pennies? Please don't make me roll them up...

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