Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow, one week goes by so quickly...

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. I had intended to start being better about posting more often. Sigh. The days just run in together so quickly. It seems like the month is over before it scarcely begun.

I guess it helps that I'm actually home right now. Usually at this point on Monday morning, I'm schlepping about the Boyfriend's apartment. He has to be to work for 7:00am, and I usually leave to come back at 8. However, due to various and sundry prior commitments, I didn't drive down after work yesterday and I won't be seeing him again until I think next Wednesday. Yeouch. Then after that, I think it'll be the second week in June before we see each other again. Oooof.

In the grand scheme of things, it's really not a long time to go without seeing each other. And it's probably a good thing too. It'll give us each a little time to really reflect on how things are going and how we are feeling. It'll be three months as of the 26th of this month (not that I'm keeping track or anything). That's a little significant, right? It's good to reflect on significance like that.

Personally, I'm feeling like I'm addicted to him and I'm going through withdrawal symptoms right now. I miss him - even though we only ever catch snatches of each other; an evening here, a late afternoon there, a random wonderful day together. Those times we have together feel so precious to me. Every time I think of him I get a goofy grin on my face. One of my coworker's asked if I was smitten. I told her I was disgusting with smitteness.

So yeah, if you get sick of me waxing poetic, please tell me I'm being annoying and to shut the frak up.

In other news. It's raining again. So all of the headway we made in regards to the flooding has been lost. I took some pics last week. I meant to post them like a week ago, but blogger was not liking the idea so I refrained. Here is a highlight:
And as the waves gently lap at the far side of the parking lot, mermaid children make use of the playground...
We're supposed to have rain all week long. We do not need rain. We are all literally awash in rain. If it doesn't not let up and give us a break soon, Vermont will once again become a shallow inland sea and we really all will need to sprout gills and fins if we wish to survive.

Of course, I could move to Arizona with friend Becky. I don't need gills there, do I Becky?

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