Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, there you go then!

This morning I found a link to Experience Life magazine and wanted to share with you an article about dieting, starvation, and what happens to people on a restricted calorie diet. It's a short article, and easy to read. The article highlights an experiment done during World War II regarding starvation - psychological and physiological effects. What floored me was the restricted, "starvation" portion of the experiment was 1,500 calories.


Now, granted the experiment was done on men and 1,500 calories for a fully grown adult male is not a lot; I believe the equivalent is 1,200 for a female. But still, that is the current daily recommended caloric intake. And they literally went crazy with starvation. When they were able to resume eating "normally", many ended up gorging and putting on additional weight.

This quick little article has put so much into perspective for me: how frustrated and obsessed I get over food when I'm trying to lose weight, when I think I'm too fat, when I think I'm eating more than I should.  Why I feel guilty when I get hungry, despite having "eaten enough." Why I have a tendency to binge after following a "healthy diet" for a week to lose a couple pounds.

This is, like, huge for me. I need to think on it some more.

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