Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Impossible, I Tells Ya!

Yesterday I bought some eggs with the intention of having them for breakfast the next several days. They're full of protein, easy to make in the morning, and keep me fueled until I can stop for lunch at work. Often times I may eat breakfast at 8:30am, but it may be 2pm before I get my break. It's a long time to go without food, so I try to eat things that last. Plus, apparently eggs yolks have a lot of iron. Again not really worried about it, but I kinda feel the need to stockpile.

I'm also quasi-tracking my calories on MyPlate for a while because my pants are getting tight again. Plus, I've got a show coming up in a month and I don't want my belly hanging over my costume. The nice thing about MyPlate is that even the free version will track big things like sodium, protein, cholesterol, sugar, and fiber.

The bad news is, one single egg meets the daily maximum requirement of cholesterol for me. AN egg. Who can eat just one?!? I mean, I knew they had quite a bit of it but I guess I just never checked to see how much. Now I have a bunch of eggs I don't want to eat. Which is wasteful.


Michael Pollan was right - we've scared ourselves into a corner where we're afraid to eat anything and everything because we get caught up on the little bits. People have been eating eggs for millennia. Most of them did not die from the eggs. One week of eating eggs is NOT going to kill me. I'll eat these eggs, and simply not have them again for a while so my cholesterol levels can level out a bit. I'll have something else for breakfast next week. It'll all be good.

It does make me glad that I stopped baking with eggs years ago, though. I've been using either flax "eggs" or applesauce/bananas/pureed fruit in lieu of them. Now, if only I stopped eating everything I baked, I wouldn't have to go on MyPlate and freak myself out...

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