Monday, April 11, 2011

Weight Watchers: Week Four

I had this post all done and uploaded, then realized after going over past ones that I didn't post an update last week. Probably because I gained two pounds. It was called "yeah, it was a carby, cheesy, Happy Me" week. Thankfully, this week I lost all of the weight that I put on last week, plus a little extra for good measure. So, yay! I'm down 2.2 for the week.

I have started once again giving myself activity points* for my massage practice. I know at the beginning I tried that and lost nothing, but I think frankly that was a fluke. This past week, I tried a modified version of that where I gave myself 3 points for 5 massages - not quite a point per massage. It was enough to acknowledge that I was expending energy but not so much as to retard my weight loss.

This worked, but honestly not well enough. I followed the diet very well last Monday through Thursday, but things went downhill pretty quickly this weekend. I didn't completely lose control but I also did not count any points, had chinese food and cookies and more junk than I usually allow myself...and I lost a fair amount considering. Which makes me think I still wasn't eating quite enough.

I'm going to try once again giving myself one activity point per massage and see if that helps with the hunger levels. Although, we're once again coming up to that time of the month, which is where I started this whole experiment. So, I'm wondering if I should try it again or wait a week. Normally this is the week where I should just move into the grocery store and they should have a dedicated employee following me around keeping a running tally. But I must admit, it would be nice to lose more than .2 pounds, which is what happened last time.

.2 pounds is weight lost, but really it's a slap in the face.


* Yes, I know the term "activity points" means nothing to you. The diet works thusly: you get a certain amount of points daily to eat. When they are gone, you are done. However, if you exercise or do something active you can earn a few extra points, which you can either use that day or save up to use later in the week. 

Normally, you aren't supposed to earn activity points for non-exercise things you do every day (like if you are on your feet at your work). This system rewards activity when there is none initially, but unfortunately physically demanding jobs are not currently acknowledged as needing extra fuel. So, you have to experiment with the number of points you give yourself so that you are still losing weight but not passing out from hunger. Some people have figured out the math behind the points, but I suck at numbers. So I just go with the "hit-and-miss" style of experimentation. More exciting that way.

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