Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was getting so good at posting and now pfffft.


Stuff going on, and I've been debating very much about what gets posted here and what doesn't. I think the easiest and simplest thing to say is that 2011 is going to hold a lot of changes for me. At least I'm hoping it will. The changes I'm thinking of will all be very positive ones. If they come to fruition. Which they better the hell come to fruition because I'm pouring a lot of energy into their manifestation.


I'm seeing someone.


Normally when I am dating someone, I don't tell anyone outside a couple of my closest friends and then those poor souls get to listen to all my lamentations when it doesn't work out like I think it's supposed to and when it inevitably fails they get to listen to me over-analyze the schmuck and wonder what I did wrong.

But this time it's different. I'm telling people I'm seeing someone. I don't have any lamentations. I'm not worrying about what he's thinking or what he meant when he said or why didn't he... none of that is there this time around.

This is what it's supposed to be.

I'm loving every minute of it. And I really don't want it to stop.

With that said, I really do not know how much I want to post about this on the blog. I know I have friends in far-flung places (waving!) who read this blog to keep up with things in my life, so if you are wanting more details please email me at my private addy and I'll send you all the details and be really annoying and girly with my random squeals.

I also just finished reading Omnivore's Dilemma, but I'm still digesting (ha!) a lot of what I read there, so I will post a review in a couple days I think. The short of it is, if you are interested in food like I am interested in food, you should read this book.

Anyway, that's all the stuff I can think of for a Sunday morning, with the first cup of coffee not even finished.

It's going to be a good day, I think. :-)

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