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The human species thrives on labels. They help us understand the world around us and communicate with each other. I'm pretty sure they've been around for as long as we have been thinking.
 "Yo, Glog! Don't eat those berries!"
"Why, Og? They are red and juicy and look ever so good."
"Those are the Bad Ones, Glog. They will make you squat in the bushes and wish for death. The blue   ones on that bush over there are the Good Ones."
"Why, thank you Og! I appreciate you taking the time to communicate, and I now more fully understand the world around me."
We label ourselves, others, everything. It's a kind of short-hand so that we don't have to constantly define everything to everyone at all times. The thing about labels is, they're helpful... until they aren't. And the thing is, it's usually not so much the label as to what one brings to it. 
"Weird" is usually used as a negative label, but it isn't always. Som…

Weight Watchers: Week Four

I had this post all done and uploaded, then realized after going over past ones that I didn't post an update last week. Probably because I gained two pounds. It was called "yeah, it was a carby, cheesy, Happy Me" week. Thankfully, this week I lost all of the weight that I put on last week, plus a little extra for good measure. So, yay! I'm down 2.2 for the week.

I have started once again giving myself activity points* for my massage practice. I know at the beginning I tried that and lost nothing, but I think frankly that was a fluke. This past week, I tried a modified version of that where I gave myself 3 points for 5 massages - not quite a point per massage. It was enough to acknowledge that I was expending energy but not so much as to retard my weight loss.

This worked, but honestly not well enough. I followed the diet very well last Monday through Thursday, but things went downhill pretty quickly this weekend. I didn't completely lose control but I also did no…

Book Review: Omnivore's Dilemma

I finished this book a week ago in a marathon session. It was on my "Sunday" (which is actually a Wednesday) and I just didn't have any energy at all. I spent the entire day lounging around my apartment reading this book.

This is one of those books that Really Gets You Thinking. Well, it got me thinking at any rate. I mean, it wasn't necessarily information I didn't already know, just information I didn't know a lot about. I will admit that I have been stewing on a lot of things that were presented. I still am.

The book is divided into three main sections: I: Industrial, Corn; II: Pastoral, Grass; and III: Personal, the Forest. In each section, he follows the food chain from conception to completion. In the case of corn, he "follows" the corn to multiple places, including a feedlot in Kansas and the fillers in your Twinkie. With the second part, he discusses the industrial organic industry and spends a week on a small farm whose animals (all of them…


I was getting so good at posting and now pfffft.


Stuff going on, and I've been debating very much about what gets posted here and what doesn't. I think the easiest and simplest thing to say is that 2011 is going to hold a lot of changes for me. At least I'm hoping it will. The changes I'm thinking of will all be very positive ones. If they come to fruition. Which they better the hell come to fruition because I'm pouring a lot of energy into their manifestation.


I'm seeing someone.


Normally when I am dating someone, I don't tell anyone outside a couple of my closest friends and then those poor souls get to listen to all my lamentations when it doesn't work out like I think it's supposed to and when it inevitably fails they get to listen to me over-analyze the schmuck and wonder what I did wrong.

But this time it's different. I'm telling people I'm seeing someone. I don't have any lamentations. I'm not worryin…