Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a difference a day makes

So, all the weather advisories finally expired yesterday around 5pm (four hours after when they were initially supposed to end). It took me three attempts to dig my car out, and nearly an hour to finally get it out of its original spot. Thankfully, the landlord's son came late yesterday afternoon and gave me an alternate option for parking for a little while. That should help with the worst of the mud and snow.
Our plow guy needed to rent a full-sized bulldozer.  Sorry for the window screen.

The final snow tally for where I live is about two feet. My mom - who lives to the north of me - ended up with a little more. They are calling this one of the Top Five Worst Storms in Vermont. Everyone was prepared for just 8"-10" of snow, which is manageable and pretty much nothing in Vermont. But two feet of unexpected snow will stop even us.

I went out to take a walk around 5pm, mainly to get out of the house but also to check things out. I brought my camera along and attempted a few shots, but really all you see is a LOT of white.
There is a house in there somewhere...

The interesting thing about a storm like this is, the people you run in to out while you're walking about are all really nice. It's like you've been brought together over this crazy event. One person spoke of how it used to always be like this when she was a kid, but now these events are rare. Another told me he heard of a car on fire earlier in the day, and the plows had initially been keeping just the ambulance routes clear. Which would explain why many of my side streets were unpassable.
A barely passable side street

There were cars getting stuck in the snow on the streets, and then the trucks that tried to help them would inevitably get stuck as well. At one point, I looked out my front window to see at least three trucks trying to help a stuck car while an ambulance was trying to get through. Luckily, the siren wasn't on so at least it wasn't dire and the trucks were able to move so the ambulance could get out.
What the slightly better roads looked like.  Passable, but anything without
4-wheel drive or heft to it risked getting stuck or going off the road.

I was in contact with work throughout the day. Crazily enough, people were ready and willing to keep their appointments! In fact, the 9am appointments had to be told not to come in because the therapists couldn't get out of their driveways! One of the reasons I was trying so hard to dig my car out was because of work, but they ended up canceling the evening people and closing early. Frankly, I'm not sure if I could have given a decent massage yesterday anyway... after all that shoveling my arms were jello!
If you wanted to walk on the sidewalks, you had to get over your claustrophobic tendencies

What a wild and crazy day it was yesterday!

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