Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Menu Planning

So, I'm having someone over for dinner this weekend. Of course, I'm going insane trying to plan a menu that is filling, delicious, and shows off my culinary skills without being show-offy. Also trying to figure out how to fit two people in my mousehole of an apartment, but that's another story.

This is the menu I've come up with, after much debate with one dear friend who is probably ready to kill me (Hi, Marie!):

Two kinds of crostini: tomato/basil, which will be served room temp and walnut/arugula/gorgonzola, which will be served warm

Green pea and lemon risotto from Veganomicon with steamed asparagus, white wine

Baked pears stuffed with brown sugar, walnuts and raisins, coffee

Because of the size of my "entertaining" space (my living/dining/kitchen area is squeezed in to a 9'x11' room), I really want to keep the clutter and mess of preparation to an absolute minimum. Plus, I'm going to be busy with other things until about an hour before my guest should arrive. So, I'm going to prep as much as possible Friday night. I have tweaked the risotto recipe to work in a crockpot so I don't have to spend an hour ladling broth, stirring, and making a mess when I'd rather be hanging out.

Hopefully it'll work. My back-up plan is to order Chinese takeout.

You can tell what I've been thinking about all day, can't you?

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