Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flip Flop

I've been obsessing about this menu thing for a couple days now.

Okay, since Sunday.

Really going back to my old perfectionist tendencies. I want this to be just right. I want it to be good. I WANT TO BE THE BEST.

Yeah, way to put the pressure on myself.

But as a wise friend said last night in my belly dance class: Simple is better. The reality is, the menu I posted yesterday is a pretty damned good menu. But I don't have time to pull it off. I'd be scrambling and frazzling myself out trying to make everything work. And the risotto-in-the-crockpot idea is completely untested. It's better left for a day when I have more than an hour or so to pull it together.

So the menu is now going to be the tomato/basil crostinis (because they really are easy and a good idea), veggie lasagna, salad, crusty bread and chocolate cake for dessert. Easy, simple, delicious, and 90% of it can be made ahead of time.

Which will leave me a spare moment to pull myself together over a glass of red.

Or - knowing me - freak out about something else over a glass of red, but let's try to think positive, shall we?

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