Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back, Back, Back...

Yeah, so I am back on Weight Watchers again. I don't have a lot to lose, but I am not happy with where I am at the moment and I don't seem to be able to lose on my own. Well, maybe a 1/16th of a pound a week. Which is not losing, it is damned frustrating.

I've got to admit, I like their new Points Plus program. The old Points program worked while I was losing my initial 30 pounds, but did not know what to do with people who only had like five or ten pounds to lose. By the time you got down to your final few pounds, you were eating so little as to not be entirely healthy, in my point of view. At the very least, it wasn't enough to sustain me.

This time, they've completely changed the program. They now reward you for choosing whole, unprocessed foods. You don't have to count points for fruit anymore. Which was always a sticking point for me because when you only have 18 points a day (less than 1,200 calories with the old system) every point counted and the last thing you wanted to do was "waste" a point on an apple. AN APPLE. Which is friggin' ridiculous.

I know I'm on the lowest rung of the point scale, and I already feel much better about things. I'm not terrified I won't have enough to eat. I don't have to choose between an apple and a slice of bread now. This is my second day doing the new plan and I am feeling good about it. I already feel lighter.

Although that could be the fact that the sun is out and the temperature is actually above freezing...

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