Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Oh wait. Okay, so it's Tuesday. But it's my Saturday. We got another six inches (give or take) of snow last night, and I am avoiding going outside to clean off my car yet again. I will need to at some point. But at the moment it is warm in here and I don't wanna.

The thing is, I'm feeling really restless this morning. Like I need to be out DOING something. In every season but winter, this is usually when I go out and take a nice long walk and I feel great after. Unfortunately, there really isn't anyplace to walk right now. The bike trail is covered with snow, which would get my heart rate right up there, but not fun to walk in. Same goes with sidewalks. Sigh. There is a yoga class I may get to at noon and a belly dancing class this evening, but I'm twitchy NOW!

In regards to the continuing saga of the Great Wind Experiment, I'm getting a little frustrated and confused. I am fairly certain the chickpeas are off the list, at least in moderation. Although, I need to test out hummus as I think there may be something there. Pasta and bagels seem to be okay, as does tomato sauce. Onions have been added to the list. Which I found out after an unfortunate pizza incident. Luckily I was home alone. Blush.

I thought crackers were on the list, but now I'm not sure. So, it was either the hummus or the strawberries. Yesterday I splurged at the health food store and bought some gorgeous Florida organic strawberries. They were perfect! If it was them, I am going to be bitterly disappointed. I still need to test broccoli and cauliflower, which I am dreading because I really like both of these veggies! They are go-to veggies for me. Whimper.

I've also come to the conclusion that sometimes, all bets are off. I've known for a while that if I wait too long to eat, it won't matter what I consume; it's going to twist my stomach in knots. A lot of times it sneaks up on me too; the line is crossed before I ever really had a chance to deal with it. Which I think completely isn't fair, but unfortunately my stomach is tough to argue with and just won't listen to reason. I need to work with it to ensure that I give it something on a regular basis, and am pretty sure my inability to do so goes back to my "eating makes you fat" issues. Still working on those.

I am still trying to keep breads, crackers and pasta in moderation, but I have added them back into my diet. Mainly because things were getting exceedingly dull and I was going nuts. I'm trying to keep my intake down, but I've learned the hard way that trying to cut things out and saying I "can't" have anything is a sure-fire way to set myself up for a binge.

Baby steps, baby steps.

And yes, I am completely aware that I am still obsessing over food and not necessarily developing the healthiest of relationships right now. I've just switched the obsession slightly. I am working on this too.

I really envy people who have healthy relationships with food, who eat because they are hungry and stop when they are not. People who don't think about food all day every day, how it tastes so good and makes you feel so great. How nice it must be to not worry about every calorie, to just enjoy it for what it is and not think of it when you don't need to.

What is that like?

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