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Have you ever seen a wild turkey? We have them in Vermont. You don't see them very often, but you do see them. Back when I was commuting to Hell Job, I would often see a largish flock in the mornings, along the highway. There was between 15 and 20 of them, of various sizes.

Wild turkeys look like this:

That's what they really look like. Flocks free to roam as the please. They are intelligent, they are social, and if you'll notice they don't have boobs to rival Anna Nicole Smith's. However, this is probably where your Thanksgiving bird is coming from:

This is a turkey farm. This is where most "conventional" turkeys live. They are bred to grow to maturity quickly (far quicker than in nature), have more breast meat than any bird would ever have, and are dumb as posts. They live crowded together so badly that they cannot spread their wings, or have any kind of social order. Their beaks are usually cut off so they don't peck at each other. Because there ar…

Nom Nom Nom Nom...

I spend a lot of money on food.


I mean, everyone has something they'll spend their last dollar on if they could get away with it. For some, it's clothes, for others books, electronics, artwork, vintage records (let's not mention my brother's massive collection. Oh. Oops). For me, I spend way too much money on food. Especially considering that I'm the only one eating it.

I've moved back to eating organic whenever I can, which is probably contributing the the total. But really? I just eat... A LOT. I can go to the grocery store two or three times a week, buy enough groceries that should theoretically last for at least five days, then have to make a return trip in two or three because I've eaten it all. My work has something to do with it, I know. On work days, I can burn as much as 800 calories just by massaging (thank you, MyPlate, for helping me learn this). That is a lot of calories burning off.

I've tried to reign myself in multiple times -…

Gone with the Wind

What do you do when you:Have limited storage spaceAre a belly dancer and can easily accumulate more yards of fabric than a seamstress on a buying spreeLive in an apartment with questionable insulationCan feel the wind (which is blowing like a MoFo, by the way) coming in around the window and possibly through the wall?The answer is simple:
Hip scarves and veils as wall art!
If you look closely at the curtain you can see that it's getting puffed up a bit from the wind that's blowing. I'm pretty sure this place is at least insulated (which is a fair site better than that place in Winooski I lived in my first two years in the area). However, the wind is blowing so strongly that I figure a little extra in the way of insulation couldn't hurt. 
What I'd really like is to get some nice tapestries. Unfortunately, I'm not down with the college-dorm versions that are most popular right now. I think what I need is a good, old-fashioned, rug-as-wall-art thing for that wall. 

Random Notes: Massage Edition

1. I have heard back from the peeps who do the National Certification test and I have qualified. Which of course I knew I would but this means I can now take the test pretty much any time I want. And I am SOOOO not ready to take this test! I believe I have 90 days from notification to schedule and I need to get cracking on that. I also need to start studying in earnest, because I've just been half-assing it so far. Apparently I work better with deadlines.

2. Speaking of studying I got Basic Clinical Massage Therapy in the mail today. It's a $75 book and not appropriate for everyone, but I am liking it. They overlay images of the muscle on to real human bodies, so you get a better idea of its location. It also gives attachments, actions, trigger points, other muscles to check out, and manual therapy suggestions. This book is going to be very useful in helping me study, because I sucked at all of this stuff.

3. I had an AMAZING massage from one of the therapists at work last wee…

Driving with Maniacs

I am normally a relatively mild-mannered individual. It takes a lot to really get me cranked up (although when you do, watch out!), but generally speaking I'm usually a nice person.

Until you get me in the car. And then all bets are off. I have a mouth like a salty sailor and an attitude to match. It's not very attractive at all, and I'm frankly a little embarrassed by it.

I've tried listening to calming music, which works sometimes. I've considered taping a sign to the dashboard that reads "They aren't trying to piss you off on purpose" but I haven't gone there yet. Yesterday on my drive home I decided to reframe all my negative thoughts into something positive.

So, instead of: "Why isn't that person turning already? The lights been green forever and three cars could have gone!"

I reframed it to: "Isn't it nice that this person likes to take his time to ensure that turning is in fact what he wants to do."

Instead of: &…

Book Review: Diet for a New America

That's right, boys and girls. I'm making my way through the classics.

Diet for a New America was published in 1987. It quickly became one of the pre-eminent books advocating for the reduced consumption of meat for heath, environmental and economic reasons.

John Robbins, if you do not already know, was the heir to the Baskin-Robbins empire. He walked away from it when he realized what mass consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat in the form of meat and dairy was doing to the nation. Since then, he has become an advocate for a vegetarian and "pure vegetarian" (what he calls vegan) diet.

If you are considering transitioning to a vegetarian diet, this is a good starting point. It covers all of the basics: how meat and dairy affect your health; how mass meat farming negatively affects our environment and how reduction in consumption of meat could positively affect our long-term economic status.

Because it was published in 1987, most of the statistics quoted are extre…


Dear Land Lady,

Yes, I know the open door at the bottom of the stairs leads to higher bills, as does leaving the hall light on. Which is why I always make sure the door is shut and I turn off the light. Because you've asked that we do that.

So, please do not blame me for an open door and a light on simply because I happen to be the only person home right now. If you got up from the television once in a while, you'd realize that the postman seldom closes the door tightly, nor does the FedEx/UPS person. Nor do any of the bed & breakfast guests for whom you insist we park in the street for every weekend. Also, if you invested in a door that actually shut without having to try six times it might happen more often.

I'm a good tenant; I'm quiet, I pay on time, I seldom have guests over and never noisy ones. I am considerate of others and keep to myself. So please do not tell me my guests aren't turning off the light and I'm not shutting the door.

It ain't me.

Power Vegans

Have you read this article from Business Week? It's a short little thing about the new trend of veganism amongst high-powered business folk.

The overall tone of the article is rather derisive, and unfairly so, I think. It reads as though the author thinks that all these CEOs are jumping on a band wagon and that it's a stupid one on to be jumping on at that. Which is a little disappointing because, as far as bandwagons go, it's a pretty good one to be on.

Not a lot of people are vegan in the US. If these high-powered people can bring attention to the health and ethical reasons behind being vegan, it's a good thing! Most people never think about where their food comes from, or what has gone into the process of making it. Americans - let's face it - like to follow what the "important" people are doing. If people start thinking that all the meat and dairy and eggs that they are consuming maybe aren't as good for them as the Dairy Industry would like them …

When You Like What You Do

While I was at work giving a massage today, I took a mental step back and thought to myself "oh my god, you're really doing this!" That happens every once in a while. I just realize that I'm doing something that not only I never thought I'd do, it never occurred to me to do.

Did that sentence make sense?

If you had told the me from five years ago that this is where my life would take me, I probably would have been pretty damned skeptical. Interested, but skeptical. You see, the me five years ago would never have been brave enough to jump ship from financial solvency and do something else. The fear of "not being good enough" would have stopped me dead in my tracks.

But here I am. Doing something important, something rewarding. Something I love. I love what I do, and I get to make a living at it! That is such a wonderful feeling. I know I am lucky - so many people can't say that. In fact, I think a lot of times most people can't say that. So I am …

Nocturnal Fantasies: Belly Dance from the Night Side

This past Saturday (October 30th) I had a belly dance performance. It was supposed to be a "goth" show, but it really ran the gamut from heart-wrenching to innovative to slightly goofy. The styles were all over too. We had American Tribal, Tribal Fusion, classical egyptian and everything in between. Some day I hope to actually have video to show all of you, but I guess you'll have to suffice with some pictures.