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I currently do not have cable. I have no plans on getting cable either, because mainly I get addicted to it too quickly and sit in front of it for too long. Although I greatly miss Paula Dean, Sanctuary and Bones, I can usually get my fixes from Hulu and once I start actually making enough money, I'm going to subscribe to Netflix.

But that's neither here nor there. I've been watching Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (gotta love good Christmas presents) and last night I watched the episode where Buffy's mom died. And if that was a spoiler to you, then good god what rock have you been living under?

I think it's like the second time ever I've seen that episode, which is odd because I've seen most of them like a gazillion times. When it originally aired - Feb 2001 -  I wasn't the Buffy fan I am now (I was still reeling from the horrid movie and refused to watch it for the longest time on the grounds that anything based on something that bad could not in…


Well, I'm not personally. Today, at any rate. Yay, me!

But one of my friends is going through a rough patch. He's struggling right now, trying desperately to provide the basics for his family and himself while dealing with extenuating circumstances.

My initial gut reaction (being a girl) was to empathize and to say everything would be okay. But really, will it? And my empathy - how much good would it do? I mean, when someone says "I know how you feel!" but then goes back to their place of happyhappyjoyjoy while you're stuck in your pit of ick, doesn't it just come off as depthless and almost a kind of rubbing it in?

I dunno.

Waaaay back, when I was at Hell Job, I moved offices at one point. As I was going through the desk of a departed employee now bequeathed to me, I found a framed excerpt from one of Thich Nhat Hanh's books The Heart of Buddha's Teaching. I've kept it ever since, and I want to share it with you:

Sometimes we feel as though we are…


I just finished reading a book on introverted people (oh, how I love the library! Why have I forsaken you all these years?). It was a pretty interesting read, mainly because it described me pretty much to a T. Not that I didn't know I was introverted. I mean, there's a picture of me in the dictionary right next to the definition. But I picked up the book because it looked interesting and the outside promised to help introverts deal with things like parties, socializing with the masses in general, blah blah blah.

Really what the book was about wasn't so much in dealing with the "extroverted" world but with claiming your own introvertedness and not apologizing for it anymore. If that fun party doesn't sound like fun to you? You don't have to go! Rather stay at home on a Friday night then get jostled around a packed bar? Stay home! It's okay. You don't need to make excuses, you just need to say "that's not for me, sorry."

Which, I think…

Shh...Keep it Down Now...

Voices Carry...

I never used to be one for silence. My family wasn't one of those boisterous families where everyone was in everyone's business. But we had a lot of background noise. The television or radio was always on. Heck, I remember listening to my Mom's Beatle's records when I was little. That's right. Records. I even had a few of my own, until at 10 years of age I got a "boombox" with my own radio and cd player.

Once I had my own radio, I seldom left my room. I'd be in there for hours listening to radio stations from Montreal, because it was the only stuff I could get that was playing popular music. With my own radio, I could finally listen to Madonna and and who the hell ever else was popular in 1984 (fun fact - because I was listening to Canadian radio I was one of the few Americans who can vaguely recall Alanis Morrissette's insanely early work). In high school, because there was nothing else to do and I was shy, I would make tape after…

The Middle Ground

Now that school is over and I'm working part time (I LOVE my new job, by the way!), I finally have some time for myself. Which is really weird. I spent so much of the last 10 months goinggoinggoing that now that I've had the chance to stop I don't know what to do with myself. So, I've kind of just come to the conclusion that I'm going to take this opportunity to really focus on getting myself to the healthy, even-keeled person I was before I jumped into the fire, so to speak.

So, while I'm working on building up my stamina for multiple massage sessions in a day, I'm also working on getting myself into shape. My new apartment (I LOVE my new apartment, by the way!) is right next to a bike path, and I've been using this opportunity to start my daily walks again. They fell by the wayside while I was in school, as I literally did not have a daily hour I could commit to it. It feels really good to be moving outside again! I also took my first yoga class in a …

Harry Potter, Returned

Okay, so I figured it would be easier to just do a new post than try to add the pictures to the last post. If you want running commentary on my experience of the park, just scroll down or click here if you don't see it below.

This is Hogwarts. You can find the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey inside. Worth going through the castle at least once, twice if the lines aren't so bad. There's a lot of cool stuff inside. This is the last of the line before it goes into the castle. It was a very long line, but at least it was moving quickly. The wait didn't particularly seem like 90 minutes. We were lucky as it was rainy and overcast, but definitely take a few dollars out of your purse before you stow them, because on hot, slower days you WILL want to buy some water or something once inside.
This is the Flight of the Hippogriff. It's a very short little roller coaster ride that is appropriate for all ages and all those who don't fancy the more intense Dragon Challen…

Holy Harry Potter, Batman!

Guess where I went this weekend?

C'mon, guess.

Universal Studios Harry Potter!

Oh yes, I was one of those fools brave muggles who visited during the first month. On a holiday weekend, no less. I will say we had a few things going in our favor. It wasn't the first few opening days, it was over-cast and kind of rainy, and it was a Friday instead of the weekend.

If you've read any of the other postings and blogs about this part of the park, you heard about the crowds. There was more of an ebb and flow to them while we were there, which made it handy. The wait for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey wasn't ever more than 90 minutes and the line moved the entire time we stood in it. However, the line to see the show at Ollivander's remained nearly a 3 hour wait for the entire six hours we were there. We decided it wasn't worth it.

It was much easier to get into the Three Broomsticks if you're willing to eat at a non-normal time (say, 3 in the afternoon). W…