Friday, February 12, 2010

Krishna Das

A couple weeks ago, I started seeing posters around town advertising that Krishna Das is going to be leading a kirtan at the end of the month, right here at the local Unitarian Universalist church. A kirtan is a call-and response kind of chanting that is found in many of India's spiritual traditions. I was first introduced to it last year at the Burlington Yoga Conference and was blown away at how moving and amazing it was.

At first, I thought the kirtan was free so I was all prepared to just show up and walk in. It was a good thing I looked again, because it turns out it's only free for kids 12 and under. D'oh! For the rest of us tall people, it's $30. I was very deflated, because for me $30 is a week's worth of food and something I just don't have right now.

Then a couple very good friends pointed out that I really shouldn't let $30 stand in the way of something I really wanted. One offered to write me a check for $30 (!) and another offered suggestions as to how I could make the money.

In the end, I decided to put the $30 on my credit card. I've been using it for emergencies only, so I haven't racked up a load of debt on it yet. $30 was not going to kill me on my credit card.

I'll pay it off eventually. Life is for living, and if $30 is going to bring you an evening of pure joy and bliss, than it is $30 well spent.

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