Sunday, February 7, 2010

I spend too much time at the salon.

1) I have become convinced that Britney Spears is not saying "if you seek Amy." She is saying "F.U.C.K. me." Listen to it. It makes more sense.

2) I am so sick of Lady GaGa. Which is too bad because her songs are fun. One too many times on the replay.

3) I am starting to understand some of their lingo. Oh, she is so not a 7 y/o. 8 maybe, but you wouldn't want to go any lighter.

4) I've been there a little over four months now and I've trained two people how to close. This last person has been shadowing me for three days. I'm seniority now, apparently.

5) Hair! Hair! Everywhere, hair! No matter how much I sweep, there's always more hair!

6) Laundry! Laundry! Everywhere, soggy towels!

7) I've come to understand that tips really do make all the difference. They mean that maybe you get to buy gas to go home and some food that night. Say you do a haircut for $30. You get maybe 40% of that (if you're lucky), so maybe $12. Then half of that goes for taxes. So, you just got paid $6 for a haircut you spent 45 minutes on. If you do 8 haircuts in 8 hours, that's a whopping $48 you've made. Yeah, tips make all the difference.

8) I've discovered that I can keep up with a super busy Saturday. It was mad yesterday, I tell you.

9) Be nice to retail workers. Don't use three different forms of payment (gift certificate, cash, and credit card, anyone?). Don't walk into the store five minutes before closing and expect us to be happy about it. Don't pay a $20 tab with a $100 bill. You've just taken all of my cash for the rest of the weekend.

10) I still really like working at the salon. Everyone is nice and fun and while I complain, I don't fill with dread at the prospect of going to work. I don't mind being there and I am eternally grateful for the job that I have and the doors it will open for me.

Plus, it's fun. :-)

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Steve said...

Entertaining thoughts!!!!!

Glad to see you are feeling more upbeat and even training people. Holy Poop!!! I didn't know you had it in you. Maybe I did, but I'll never admit it...

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