Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glub Glub

You know that time right before you wake up? That time when you can some some friggin' weird dreams? Well, this morning right before I woke up I had the weirdest damned dream.

I dreamt that goldfishes took over the world.

Oh yes, that's right. Those cute little fishies that swim round and round rose up and took over. More over, the dream had an all-star cast that included Judge Reinhold and Eddie Murphy. I think Steve Guttenberg was in their somewhere, but I forget.

Anyway, apparently I and someone else had been away on vacation when this all went down, so Judge quite nicely narrated what happened (I think there was even a flashback scene!). Apparently, a bunch of people "won" a trip to Guadalajara. While they were on the plane, some doctor stuck them with a needle and made them go into convulsions. They were rushed to surgery where their heart and liver were taken out. Then sent back like nothing happened.

I don't know how this allowed the goldfish to take over, but this was all part of their evil plan.

I woke up shortly after that, but not before hearing one of the goldfish speak. He sounded like Nibbler from Futurama. I was going to post a youtube link but couldn't find a good one. Sorry.

I woke up shortly thereafter. I was very grateful, because I couldn't live in a world overrun by goldfish with delusions of grandeur.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Damn Steve Gutenberg and his crazy group of goldfish!!!!

You been thinking of the 80s lately with your all-star cast of power-hungry stars/goldfish?!

Were you scared? DId they take your liver?

If I had any goldfish, I'd flush them down the toilet today!!!!

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