Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah, So.

I should be studying for an anatomy test. Rightthisveryminute. So, of course I'm blogging.

I have found a van for Friday morning. I may only get one trip out of it, so I'll probably be moving the mattress/boxsprings first and foremost.

My landlord is showing the apartment at 9:00am on Friday. Worst. Timing. EVER.

My brother (and roommate), upon seeing the notice says "do you think we can keep the place clean for that?" To which I replied, "I'm moving shit that day. No! It's not my fault the landlord has the worst sense of timing since Napoleon thought it would be a great idea to invade Russia in Winter!" Okay, so I didn't say that last part. But I kinda wish I had.

I'm still not convinced anyone is going to show up on Saturday to help me. I have two confirmations, only one of which I have any confidence in.

I moved a car load up tonight, and emptied a couple boxes so I could re-use them. Then promptly left them there.

We're doing hydrotherapy in class this week. I got a foot bath followed by a foot massage. Ahhhhhh. So nice.

I can't wait for this whole move thing to be over.

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