Monday, January 4, 2010


Yeah, so we had a snow storm this weekend.

They are saying my town had nearly three feet of snow. I believe them. It started snowing Friday afternoon and didn't stop until around 9:00pm Sunday night. It just never. stopped. snowing. They are saying it was worse even than the snowstorm we had over Valentine's Day two years ago.

I will say, I learned a few things with this snowstorm:

1. Consumerism wins over the safety of employees every time. The mall (and thus us) never closed early, never opened late, despite the truly bad roads. The worst was, people were actually going to the mall during the worst of the storm.

2. People will brave a bad storm in order to have good hair. It was still rotten yesterday and yet people still came in to have their hair styled. We only had one no-show in the 8.5 hours we were open.

3. Cleaning a car off with no ice scraper is no fun.

4. People in SUVs seriously think that means they can drive fast and reckless on bad roads and that they will be fine. Slippery roads are slippery roads, and if you take me out with you when you go down, I will be peeved.

5. Having a warm pot of soup waiting for you after a long night and a scary commute is just the ticket.

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