Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Okay, so those of you who actually had something to do last night are undoubtedly sleeping the sleep of the well-partied. Kudos to you! I had nothing to do last night and no money to do it with, so I remained home. Besides, I have to do a massage today before working a 5-hour shift. So, if you are going to pity me, pity me for that last part.

Anyway, as I do every year at this time, I took some time and looked over the goals I made for myself at this time last year. I am always amazed at the amount I accomplish, especially since I tend to write them down and forget them. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish during 2009, and they were:

1. Eat mostly vegan except when dining out. This one pretty much fell by the wayside until I actually decided to transition to veganism in November. The transition is going fairly well, with the only (knowing) slip-ups being those damned hershey kisses I got for Christmas and some honey here and there.

2. Prepare more foods myself and rely less on prepackaged stuff (including bread!). This is pretty much true, although I don't think I'll ever completely give up on boca burgers. The bread thing is harder, because I have a LOT less time these days to make it. Not doing half bad on this one tho'.

3. Attend yoga on a regular basis. Well, yeah. This is one I failed miserably on. I am hoping once my schedule opens up a bit, I'll be able to add it back in. I miss it.

4. Perform more belly dancing. Yep! Loving it, too.

5. Spend less money. Well, when you're earning minimum wage and there's no money to spend, this becomes surprisingly easy...

6. Pay off student loan. YES!!!! I cannot tell you how happy it made me to write that last check, I think a good year early.

7. Love what I do professionally. This was a big one for me last year, as I was in a job that was sucking my soul out of me. I'm being trained now for something I know I'll enjoy doing and quitting my job and returning to school was the best decision I've made in a long, long time.

8. Learn to let go of things I can't control. Um yeah. I think this one's an ongoing project.

9. Have more fun! On my list every year. I can certainly say I've been happier the last half of 2009 than I have in a long, long time.

10. Watch less television. This one becomes surprisingly easy when you can't afford cable.

This year, I don't feel as happy to welcome 2010 as I thought I would. I was so anxious for it to come, because it holds so many possibilities for me! What I feel instead is sadness, a grief of some kind. I think because life as I know it is going to change exponentially for me this year, and everything I've known to be true is going to fall away. This is not necessarily a bad thing; life is about change and letting go. And I've been desperate for change for a good long while though.

Right now, 2010 is a long, reaching road spread out before me. I can't see its end and I have no clue what adventures I'll have as I travel its path. I am taking those first steps, though. Because to stay at its beginning and to never see what there is to see? Why, that's no fun at all.

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