Random Thoughts of a Monday Morning

1. I am feeling much better today. I am very thankful that this cold is making its way out as quickly as it hit me. I've just got too much to do this week!

2. I have decided today is Christmas shopping day. It was going to be tomorrow since I wouldn't have to cut it short to go to work. But I figure I'm in the mood and have the energy to do it now, so I might as well not put it off anymore. I've got a super tight budget this year (basically taking $$ out of my savings account) so it should go quickly. Cash only, when it's gone, it's gone.

3. I have come to the conclusion that there are only 10 Christmas songs in existence. Everything else is just a remix of these various 10 songs.

4. To all you musicians out there releasing Christmas albums with "new twists on old classics": There are no more new twists. They were all used up 20 years ago. Please stop. Move on. One can only hear so many variations of Jingle Bell Rock in a single day.

5. My friend Alex is coming up to Vermont to spend the holidays. YAY!!!!! She moved to Florida a little over a year ago and it's been one heck of a ride since. I am glad she's back for a little bit, and I'm glad I have the time to see her.

6. Class is out for the next two weeks. And today is my last work day until Saturday. Wheee!!! I know I'm actually losing quite a bit of money by not working, but boy do I need a few days where I have nothing to do. I'll be able to reconnect with some actual real-life people! Imagine that!

7. Coffee is good. Lemme go get some more.

8. One of the christmas presents my brother ordered for me arrived on Friday. I was home when it arrived. I did my best not to look at the box, but it's pretty obvious what it is. I'm doing my best to pretend I don't know.

9. The sun is out (sort of). But I'm not fooled. It's frakking cold out.

10. Being vegan means no cookies this year, unless I make them myself. I don't feel like making any, so I guess I'm going cookie-less this Christmas. I'm kinda okay with this. Now I won't feel the need to gorge myself and feel uncomfortably full for days on end because of all the cookie goodness.


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