Monday, December 28, 2009

An (almost) Vegan Christmas

Well, the big holiday is officially behind us. I went up to my Mum's this year (as I do every year). It was a small Christmas - just me, my mum, my brother and a friend of my brother's who had nowhere to go this year. We at the Williams' family welcome all misfit toys, and always have. We had one of my mum's friends over for Christmas dinner, too.

In an about change of pace, my mother didn't bother to make any Christmas cookies this year. In days of yore, she would make dozens upon dozens of them, giving them out for presents and putting them out for visitors and family alike. But not this year. Mom is on a diet, my brother has lost mad weight this year and I couldn't eat any of them due to the eggs and milk, so... she just didn't bother.

Not having the cookies there this year made it a lot easier to keep on the vegan path. Mom even made some really yummy bean dip for me for the veggie platter. It's really good and it was nice to have it. I brought my own food (chickpea cutlets and mushroom gravy) and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

The few things that made it not completely vegan came mostly from presents I received this year: some local alpaca yarn from my mom, hersey kisses in my stocking, and some local honey from my brother.

Mom had bought the yarn before I went vegan, and I will admit that it is nice yarn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I was thinking about making some socks out of it and giving them to someone. I've never made socks before, so this should be interesting. The kisses went into a bowl for my brother to eat. And the honey.... well, I'm going to use it. I know it's not vegan. But it is from a local apiary and honey in this form (not processed to kingdom come) is good for you. I'll use it in my tea and baking and when it's gone it is gone.

The hershey kisses, however, should have been thrown away. Damn yummy non-vegan hersey kisses.

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