Whoever Said Today Wasn't Monday Was Lying

Okay, so today was a class day. I'm up, I've eaten breakfast, I've trolled the interweb, I'm dressed. I'm on time!!! Yay, me! There was a hard-ass quiz today and I wanted to make sure that I got myself there on time and settled before being eviscerated taking the quiz.

I walk out the door with all my class stuff, get two steps, and realize something. I do not have my keys. They are still in my apartment, safely locked away from those who would do bad and naughty things with them. Like drive to school.


So I walk down to the office, prepared to just rush into school, barely making it. Get a spare key, walk back to my apartment and go to open the door.

The key does not work.


I drop all my crap at this point and sprint back to the office, out of breath and gasping "the key doesn't work." They are confuzzled, but send a maintenance guy to open the door for me. Takes him five seconds, if that.

I ended up being like 15 minutes late, and people were already finishing up the quiz. I slam through it, aware that if I take my time I probably still wouldn't know the answers to half the questions.

Sigh. It sure felt like Monday to me....


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