Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, what do you know?

I think I'm officially transitioning to veganism.

It's going to take a bit, but here is what I'm coming up with...

Shoes: surprisingly, the majority are already vegan. Yay, me! Well, the one's I've checked, anyway. I don't really wear any of them anyway, so giving them away isn't all that painful. My work shoes (hostess shoes since I stand all day) and my favorite euro trainers are not. As I am a poor student, I am for the time being going to use them up and replace them with vegan alternatives when they bite the dust.

Food: A bit trickier. I am giving a bunch of food I cannot bear to eat (mostly Kitchens of India stuff: very delicious but all the ones I have include dairy) to a good home. The homemade frozen pizzas I cannot bear to not eat, given my blood, sweat and money that went into making them. So, I am finishing them up and I'll replace them with vegan varieties the next time I make pizza. I also have about half a huge tub of Earth Balance (veg, not vegan) that I'm trying to decide what to do with. Tossing it would be wasteful, but I bought it thinking it was vegan before finding out it wasn't (a month or so ago. It's a huge tub!).

Clothing: I haven't gone through it yet. I don't think I have much in the way of wool, etc. Maybe a couple belts and a leather top I bought second-hand for a bellydancing costume. That's going to go to one of my fellow dancers. I do have a coat that I am loathe to give away, and yet I feel guilty when I wear it so it's time to go. My winter coat is vegan (checked when I bought it last year).

Beauty Products/Makeup, etc: For now, my goal is to use what I have and replace it with vegan varieties when the time comes. Replacing everything with vegan alternatives gets expensive quickly, and I just can't afford to toss it all and start from scratch. Plus, that would be wasteful. Some of it may in fact be vegan without me knowing; I have yet to compare the companies' names to the PETA list.

Accessories: A little tougher. I'm unsure which of my winter scarves are wool or cotton. Some of them are second- or third-hand and I'm loathe to give them up, so I figure I'll get as much use out of them as possible and replace with vegan varieties when they do wear out. I do need to find some new, non-leather gloves. I'm able to keep most of my favorite purses as well. Yay, me! There's one I'm not sure of (the leather could be either real or fake... hard to tell and there is no label.)

Then there is the pashmina I bought in Italy a couple years ago. On the one hand, I can think of several people who would give it a good home. On the other, it is a very special souvenir to me and has sentimental value. I have not made a decision on this. I am thinking that I will keep it for that reason, and do my best to take excellent care of it so it can be passed on to future generations, thus lessening the impact. Maybe.

As I said, I'm transitioning. For every two steps I take, there may well be three back initially. But in going through my things and weeding out the animal materials for re-gifting or donating, I feel good about it. These things are going to people who need/want them and I'm taking a step forward for me.

I feel good about this.

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