Friday, November 6, 2009

On Cheese.

Okay, so not really. Vermont has a great independent paper called Seven Days, and this was out in the latest issue:

Grand Isle Slaughterhouse Closed Following Charges of Inhumane Treatment

For some reason, I always kind of thought Vermont was immune to this kind of thing. I talked myself into believing the Vermont dairy products were okay because the product was local and for the most part, accessible. You see dairy farms all over the place, but there are only a couple factory farms - the state is just too small to house them, for the most part.

But cruelty is cruelty and it can happen anywhere.

So why, why, why am I still eating dairy? Why am I still eating eggs? The few excuses I have are poor and self-centered. Because it tastes good; because when I go out to restaurants I want to be able to eat something.

Yeah, well. Is my comfort worth the price that poor calf paid? That any animal pays? No.

So, what? Throw out all the dairy products, and get rid of all my leather shoes? Um yeah, no. Being principled does not mean being wasteful.

It does, however, mean that I need to stop with the excuses and either cut out that stuff or just accept the fact that every time I buy a hunk of (oh that delicious) Cabot's Hunter's Special So-Sharp-It'll-Cut-You cheese, that a whole bunch of male calves were force-fed, held in tiny crates that inhibited movement, and cruelly killed for veal.

Do I really want to play a part in that?

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