Friday, November 13, 2009

...and GO.

So the transition to veganism is going pretty good so far. The food I couldn't eat was given to a friend whose family (three teenagers) eats pretty much anything not nailed down. I got rid of my leather belly dancing top to one of my troupe members. I have a pile of shoes and purses that need to go to GoodWill. I need to finish going through my clothes. Those all seem to be either cotton or some kind of poly blend; so far I'm only getting rid of two things. I'm sure that will change though.

I'm on the fence about some blankets I have. First off, I should say I am a blanket whore. there is a running joke in my family about me being the Princess in the Princess and the Pea story, except I sleep under a ton of blankets instead of on top of a ton of mattresses. I will not lie - I have a veritable collections of blankets stuffed everywhere. I freely admit this is an odd addiction, but in my defense winters in Vermont are friggin' COLD and I haven't actually bought a new blanket in quite a few years.

None of my blankets are down (thankfully) so I'm safe there. Two, however, are wool. Both are gifts from people I treasure. The first, a green and black checked throw, was given to me by my friend Angie. The other is an Army surplus wool blanket ordered by my father for me literally a week or so before he died back in 2001. He ordered one for my brother as well. Apparently he had done some Christmas shopping shortly before he died (he was a fan of Cabella's) and they arrived after the funeral. He had also given me some money to buy Mom some Christmas presents - I was his personal shopper that way. It was a hard Christmas that year - seeing all of those presents under the tree from Dad, those tokens of affection from someone who was no longer with us.

I don't think I'll be giving that blanket away. Not ever.

Anyway. My plan is to be eating 100% vegan pretty much immediately. Luckily the only thing I was really hanging on to was cheese and I don't have any in the house right now. I've got some organic mayo and Smart Balance that I will probably either give my Mom or just throw away. Of course, going vegan right before the Holidays was just a smashing idea. The upside is that I won't pig out on all of my Mom's spectacular cookies, because they all have butter, milk and eggs in them. I have the recipes for my faves though, so at some point I am going to try and veganize them. I shall keep thee posted.

In regards to clothing and beauty products that need to be used before purchasing new, I hope to have all of that used up in six months time. I've got a couple things that may take longer to be used up, but by this time next year, I should be 98% vegan. I can't say 100% because of those few sentimental items I am choosing to keep. I am okay with that.

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