Monday, October 26, 2009

Reality Check

Actual conversation yesterday at work.

Me, answering phone: Good afternoon, this is _____ salon. This is me, can I help you?

Her: Hi, I've been a regular customer for years and I need to know if one of the stylists can see my daughter today.

Me: Okay, is she looking for a hair cut or something else?

Her: Actually, we need their help diagnosing something. There's something wrong with my daughter's scalp and I'm not sure what it is. I don't think it's lice, but I'm not sure. Can someone over there take a look at it and maybe treat it?

Me: (stunned that she wants to bring a kid with lice into a hair salon) Um, ma'am, if you're daughter has lice than you can't bring her here, I'm sorry.

Her (getting increasingly distraught): But I'm not sure that's what it is! I mean, we're clean! She goes to a good private school!

Me: Well, ma'am, you can actually get lice pretty much anywhere...

Her (not liking that comment at ALL): I've been going to this salon for years! Can't you guys treat this?

Me: No, we do not treat lice here.

Her: I'm not sure that's what it is! I need someone to look at it for me!

Me: Ma'am, if you child is having a scalp issue that's really bothering her and she's in discomfort then that's something for a doctor, not a hair stylist. I suggest you call your doctor.

Her (frantic now): But I need this fixed today!!!!!

Me: Well, there is always the hospital and you can get kits at any pharmacy--

Her (cutting me off): I've been going there for years and I am NOT HAPPY with your service AT ALL! I'm going to call the owner of the salon and tell him that YOU wouldn't help me!"

(hangs up on me).

Yeah lady, you do that. I think he'd much rather lose you as a customer than have to shut the entire salon down for 24+ hours while it gets fumigated. Your embarrassment over having to tell your private school that your daughter has lice is not my problem.

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Princess of the Universe said...

And yeah, she was kinda dumb.

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