Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poetry Corner

I rarely share any of the poetry I write. Mainly because it's insanely personal. Usually my poems are an "immediate release of emotions" kind of thing. They usually come out in five minutes tops and address what is going on for me at that moment. They could be totally irrelevant twenty minutes later.

I also tend to not share them because I think they are kinda crappy. But anyway. It's insanely early on a Sunday morning and I felt the urge to post a couple I'm thinking are a little less crappy. This was all stuff written a while ago. Not sure how long; I don't date them.

I am stone
carved, cold stone
still, stone
Don't touch me
lest I shatter
and pierce your heart
It will bleed
cold, glistening rubies
bleed out
bleed out
Now our veins are both bare

Get Thee Gone
Shut the doors against the memories
Bar the windows
Nail them shut
It seems I can't move on
While you linger in the shadows
So I light the lights
To drive you out
You chose to leave
But you left yourself behind
So now I cast those pieces of you
To the wind
And hope they don't return
Lest they set fresh wounds

The sound of rain
Constant, comforting
The smell of candles
Heady, perfumed
Sacred night, this

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