Friday, September 11, 2009

Day off.

This is going to be my last one in a good long while, methinks. Between work, classes and homework I'm thinking just about every spare minute is going to be accounted for. Good thing I got rid of cable; I'd never get anything accomplished otherwise.

Since this is my last full 24 hours off, my initial goal was to go grocery shopping, do some laundry, make meals for the week, and maybe take a walk and do some yoga.

Yeah, so I spent the morning lounging in bed watching Regis and Kelly and IMing my friend Marie.

I finally got to the grocery store around noon-thirty. Luckily I can walk there otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered at all. I am making soda bread now. Vegan lasagna for dinners this week. Lunches will be pretty simple as I don't tend to eat much at work - mostly just a banana and a kashi go-lean bar. I'll have the soda bread and some cheese handy if I feel I need anything more substantial.

I need to be careful about bringing lunches to work - the salon is in a mall and mere yards away from the food court. The culture there is to just buy lunch. After two days of doing that, I realized that in order to afford my 6-inch veggie delite and bottled water at Subway, I needed to work for 40 minutes. Um. Yeah, I can't afford Subway!!! LOL. So, I shall be bringing my own water and food from now on.

I will master this whole "on a budget" thing if it kills me.

So, I can probably fit in doing laundry, taking a walk and going to yoga still. Although fitting a nap in sounds much more inviting. Maybe I'll walk to yoga.

Or maybe I'll just nap the afternoon away.


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