Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why, people, why????

So I was coming out of my building on my way home from work. I was talking on the phone to my mom, telling her about a job interview that I have tomorrow.

I get to my car and open the door. My cds are all over the floor, which was weird. Then I notice that there are foot-long skid marks in the gravel behind my front tires.

At this point, I said "something's not right."

I went and looked at my rear bumper. There's a huge crack in it and the paint's been taken off. The driver's side is completely unhooked and I could probably take it off if I wanted to.


I ran around to the windshield. No note.

Rat-fink bastard.

The thing is Rat Fink Bastard (RFB) most likely works in my building as well, as it's really the only office building there and everyone who parts in that lot (for the most part) works there as well.

He's long gone. The fine officer who came when I called said, as soon as he saw the skid marks "that guy knew he hit you." You don't push a car forward by a solid foot without hearing or feeling it!

Jeez, way to respect your fellow office workers.

Whoever you are, you are a RFB for ruining my evening and my car, and I hope you realize Karma's a bitch. I am seriously considering posting a note on the building's front door tomorrow morning that reads something like:

To Whoever Ran into My Car in the Rear Lot
and Drove Away without Leaving a Note

If you work in the building (and odds are you do)
You still have the chance to make amends

Take responsibility for your own actions
Grow up and respect those around you
We work in the same place
Respect this community we have

If you don't come forward, just know that
you are a Rat Fink Bastard for your actions
And Karma is a bitch

That's not too passive aggressive, is it?

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