Friday, August 28, 2009

A Random List for a Friday Night

1. One week down, one week left. By this time next week, I'll be hanging with my best belly-dancing gals celebrating. Not sure what the plans are yet.

2. I swear, all of Chittenden county was PMSing yesterday or something. Everyone (including me) was stressed, cranky, and bitchy. Possibly even bloated. Is a county-wide bloating even possible? Well, the fair is in town, so maybe...

3. Someone tell me to stop watching Animal Planet when they are showing Animal Cops or whatever it's called. They're showing the worst of the worst. Why am I watching this?!?! This is not elevating my opinion of humanity.

4. I'm going up to my Mom's this weekend to be the Good Daughter. It will be insanely uneventful. But I will get a lot of laundry done. This can't be discounted.

5. I had a 5. It's gone now.

6. I want to see District 9, or whatever it's called. Won't you see it with me?

7. Latest car news - it's been appraised and will cost $634 for a new bumper. I've made the appointment for next Tuesday. Need to call and rent a car for two days. Sigh. I'd rather have my own car. Hell, I'd rather take the two days off but I can't as there is too much to do my last week. Don't ask why I care. I don't. But I don't want to end up staying until 7pm next Friday trying to finish it up. It would really interfere with my celebration plans.

8. My next belly dancing performance will be on Halloween. Well, I'll have smaller ones before then but this is the next thing that my teacher is organizing. I'm going to dance to a cover of "People Are Strange." The version I'm dancing to is off the Lost Boys Soundtrack (think back to 1987, y'all. The Coreys at their finest) and sung by Echo and the Bunnymen. It's going to be too much fun.

9. I want ice cream.

10. It's cold out. I had to break out sweats and socks. Those two weeks of summer we had were great, guess it's time for fall now...

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