Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...and the next day...

Well, today has come and gone. I did actually post a note on the bulletin board in front of the bathrooms today. Not quite as pissy as the one below but pointed enough so now everyone in the building knows someone there is a hit-and-runner. No one has come forward, surprise surprise. Rumor has it that it might have been the landscapers who did it. Apparently they were parked in that lot as well and "aren't good for much." I suppose I'll never know. No word yet from the insurance company, but they said 24-48 hours so they aren't late yet. I was supposed to get my car inspected on Saturday, but I have a sneaky suspicion they won't do it with my bumper in the state it's in. Great. Just lovely.

In other news, I had a job interview today. I think it went pretty well, but only time will tell. It was for a salon receptionist position. Very entry level, but as I am changing careers I am perfectly happy starting at the bottom rung. Working here will definitely let me develop contacts in the salon/spa industry, which will definitely help once I am a certified massage therapist.

I'm hoping I get the position, as it is definitely the perfect stepping stone. Besides that, I kinda sorta really need a job.

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Arielle said...

Good luck with the job, hope you get it! I stumbled upon here because I'm trying to find people who have my old blog (good things come to those who whine) on their blogrolls. So if you happen to update anytime soon, please update to my new site ( Thank you!! =) And I shall be adding you to my reader promptly =)

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