Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retraining Myself.

So, if all goes according to my plan (and we all know the world revolves around me), starting in September I will be returning to school. Of course, this isn't a done deal yet. I mean, I still have to actually be accepted. But since the odds are really low I won't be, I'm progressing as if I were.

So, while I am still on a full-time salary, I'm making plans to stock up on staples in bulk while I can afford to do so. I'm making a Costco run after work today in order to get the ball rolling. I will probably have to do another run or two before September, but the goal is to have a pantry stocked full of organic canned tomatoes, pasta sauce, pasta, lentils, beans, rice and soups. Some of these I'll buy in bulk at my local health food store, but the canned stuff I'll get at Costco, just because it's cheaper there.

I spend a lot of money on food every month; way more than one person should. It's been a luxury for me to just fill up my basket with organic, local when possible veggies and goodies without a thought to cost. This is all coming to a screeching hault and I will admit I am really freaking nervous about it. I haven't had to watch my food budget since my early 20's.

I'm not afraid of making my own food; I know I can and I know it will be much cheaper. But I love my fresh veggies, and I'm not sure I'll be able to afford them come September. We shall have to see, I suppose. I'm really kicking myself for not signing up for a CSA earlier this year. That would have taken a large load off, because whatever I couldn't eat I could have frozen.

I am going to go berry-picking sometime this summer as well, I think. It will be a good way to have some berries on hand over the winter. I won't have to worry about where they came from or the cost.

My goal is to continue to eat as healthily as possible on the extreme cheap without giving up organic eating, which I believe to be very important. Not just for my health, but for the greater ecological good.

Wish me luck!

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