Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Crap Running Through My Head

1. A friend of mine has breast cancer. She went in for her mastectomy this morning and by all accounts she is out of surgery and resting comfortably, but damn. She is younger than I am. Cancer sucks eggs.

2. People often forget that I am shy because I don't much act it anymore. People often don't understand why I don't stand up for myself and voice my opinions when maybe I should. People often don't realize that the main reason shy people seldom say things when maybe they should is that somewhere in the past, they mustered up the courage to speak up and were unequivocably squashed like a penny on a railroad track (and believe me when I say that's what it felt like). And sometimes, it just really isn't worth the argument or battle or tongue-lashing that would ensue. So we need a safe place to vent, which is usually to friends we trust.

I know it gets frustrating to people who can just say what they think. But it gets frustrating to us when all we want is a sympathetic ear and we get "you should..." "why didn't you..." etc etc. Because we couldn't, that's why.

And for the record, I can stand up for myself.

3. I cannot frakking wait for my vacation. Three days and counting.

4. I am sick of the weather. One nice day followed by six crappy ones. It's getting on my nerves. Obviously, as this entire post seems to be turning into a rant.

5. Have I mentioned lately that I really need a vacation?

6. I wish more of my friends lived close by. I'm very appreciative of the ones that do, but I really miss seeing the ones that don't!

7. I think I have just about given up on the male species. No offense to all of y'all, but I'm really freaking sick of this whole dating game. I'm a good catch, dammit! Why the hell am I still single? Probably because I only fall for guys who are emotionally/literally unavailable. What is up with that?

8. One hour to go before I can go home and enjoy some homemade lasagna. I used local cherry-wood smoked mozzarella and local ricotta. Plus I bought some faux italian sausage and mixed it in. Delish! Very rich and decadent and yummy.

9. I have a doctor's appointment so I can sleep until, say, 7:30 tomorrow morning. I cannot wait. I am so tired.

10. I want doritos and french dip. I blame you Marie. ;-)

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