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This One's for the Fellas.

Okay, I highly doubt there are any guys reading this, but if you are you might find this helpful. It's called "What to do/don't do on a first date."
1. If you're going out to eat and your date asks if this place is okay with you, DON'T say "I don't care." If she asks you if you'd rather sit inside or out, DON'T say "I don't care." We want you to have an opinion. Heck, we want to know that at some point in time you will be able to make a decision and we will not always have to do it for you. 
2. DO ask her questions about her life. Girls like to talk. A good date will also ask similar questions to you. DO NOT spend half of the date talking about your job, unless you have a cool job with lots of exciting stories. Lion tamers have a cool job with exciting stories. Computer technicians do not.
3. DO NOT, and mean do NOT, spend the other half of your lunch date talking about your ex. It's fine if you say you have one; we all do…

Hello, my name is Kate.

I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi.(hello, Kate).I've discovered that I can't drink it again, ever. One can once turns into one can a day almost immediately. Lately I've been drinking it out of stress. It was either a diet pepsi or every snickers bar in the machine. I know neither are appropriate methods of relieving stress, but there is only so much you can realistically do while you are in your office. But it's 9:17am and I'm sitting here drinking water and I find myself thinking "I have a dollar. The machine's right there. Wouldn't those bubbles be divine right now?"Not. Good.Cold turkey, yet again. Starting now.

My One Weight Watchers Gripe

I lost about 40 pounds on Weight Watchers several years ago. Not only did it help me lose it the first time around, it's helped me keep it off when 10 pounds crept back on a year or so ago. I had been eating my unhappiness and stress, and I skyrocketed past my "drop-dead" weight and on to the "if you go past this weight you're pretty much screwed."
I am not fat anymore. I know that (most days, anyway). But the weight has been once again been creeping back on, for essentially the same reasons as before. The difference is, this time I determined to not get so high this time.
So as usual, I turned to Weight Watchers. But the program that helped me so well the first time is making things worse this time, if that's possible. You see, the program I did so well on was an earlier version of the Points program. Each food is assigned a number of points, and you are assigned a point limit. Don't go beyond that and you'll lose weight. You "earn" poi…

Trying to Change.

I've been eating again.
Well, okay. I need to quantify that. I am not now nor have I ever been anorexic or bulemic. I like food too much to not eat it and I dislike barfing too much to get rid of it. Really, I just find myself eating a lot. More than is really necessary to maintain my current weight.
The upside is that I see myself doing it, so theoretically I can catch myself before I balloon back up to my original weight of eight years ago (meaning 40 pounds heavier).
The downside is that I'm making the choice to do it anyway. There are things going on in my life that are most likely the instigators - a large amount of stress and a bit of bitter disappointment. 
I'm hoping that I'm soon to be seeing an end to the stressful stuff. Unfortunately the only thing that is going to help the disappointment is time. All I can say is that I thought I had something special, but it turns out that I'm the only one who thought that. It hurts to be pushed aside. And nothing really …

I Need to Think on This

So, ever since my massage this past Monday I have been seriously considering becoming a massage therapist. Or yoga instructor. But one can follow the other and I'm not yet advanced enough in my yoga to really teach anyone anything. That's a ways down the line yet.

However, massage doesn't really need anything but training and interest. There is a massage school within walking distance of my home. I've looked into it and tuition for a 650 hour course of work that prepares you for the certification test cost $7,800. That is not including various other expenses that will probably come to about $2,000 once all is said and done. That's a lot of money, but really still cheaper then getting my Masters, and I could apply for a VSAC grant.

The main problem would be I would have to quit my full-time job in order to take these classes. The next course only runs for one semester (September through June), but it is three full days a week (9:30 to 4:30). And this doesn't inclu…

Good Day.

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! I'm 29. Again. ;-)  Seriously, I'm 35. When the heck did that happen?!? Yesterday, apparently. I'm in my mid-30's. Wow. Back when I was a kid I couldn't fathom the idea that when it hit 2000, I'd be 26. That blew my mind. 
Anyway, it was a lovely day. I took it off from work, and I'm glad I did as it turned out to be the first gorgeous day in a while. It was a little cool, but oh, the sun!!! I made some blueberry muffins for breakfast and then did some choreography on a dance I'm doing the first weekend in June. Okay, started choreography. I need to get moving on that.
Then I went out to look for costume pieces for my July show which may no longer be in July due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. Hate when that happens. Picked up a quick lunch then headed over to Oasis Day Spa for a few wonderfully magic hours of pampering and relaxation. I had a paraffin wax hand treatment, a full-body swedish massage and…

Om, Wow (and Ow!)

I spent yesterday at Burlington's inaugural Yoga Conference. I was volunteering at it, so I got there bright and early (ie, before 7am) to help out. I finally got home last night at around 10:30. 
What a day! It was truly amazing. There were four sessions, with three classes to choose from at each session. If you've ever wanted to try different forms of yoga but didn't want to drive all around town, this was the place to do it. I managed to attend all four sessions. Let me tell you, by the end I was whooped! I took one full class (1.5 hours) each in Embodyoga, Flow Yoga, Anusara and Chakra Tuning.
To be honest, I've taken Anusara before and liked it, but my other two choices were Partner Yoga (no partner!) and Yoga for Social Activism, which personally just didn't hold my interest. The Flow class wasn't my top choice; I would have rather taken Restorative. Unfortunately, that class was sold out and my only other choice was Eye of the Tiger. That's a "Lev…

You know people...

...when I'm schooling y'all on math you know it's a sad, sad day.

According to CNN, the World Health Organization has confirmed 141 cases of the Swine Flu in the United States. Worldwide, the number jumps to 331.

If you do a search on "population of the United States", you find that they are estimating this country's population to be 307,212,123.

If you do the math, you see that 0.0000045% of the population is currently infected. Do you see how small that number is? Compare the global numbers and it gets even smaller.

If you do a search on the estimated number of people suffering from regular ol' influenza, you see that worldwide, in any given year there are 3 to 5 million cases. Worldwide, about 250,000 to 500,00 people die of it. In industrialized countries such as ours, deaths are usually in individuals 65 or older.

So you see people, you have a better chance of dying from the regular flu than you do the swine flu.

There is no need to panic. Just take the sa…