Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last night I was able to get to a mid-week yoga class at my studio. This is a special treat for me, as I work out of town and can rarely leave in time to make a 5:45 class. The commute and the workload often gets the better of me.

Still, yesterday the stars aligned and I was able to take the Wednesday class with my favorite teacher Jane. I make many of her Saturday morning classes, but they are usually filled to the brink with people. Last night's was small enough that I was able to get help with something I've been nervous about trying: Salamba Sirsasana. In other words, the headstand.

I'm not big on inversions generally speaking, and headstands always hurt my head. But, if I want to deepen my yoga practice (and if I ever decide I want to take a teaching course) I should know how to do this. Obviously, I am not yet at the point where I can do this free-stand; walls are my friend. But, just going for it is a big step for me. Hopefully I'll get over my distaste of the inversion and reap some of the benefits (which include a calmer mind, a strengthening of the arms, legs and spine, and improved balance).

Heck, maybe moving forward with what I consider a truly challenging position will help me tackle other challenging things in life. It's all connected, right?

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