Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's official, I'm going to the UK. Woo-hooo!!!! I am so excited. I've taken the week of June 15th off. My current plan is to fly in at some point on Saturday the 13th, and stay with my good friends the Lofts for a few days. Then on Wednesday, I'll take the train up to Edinburgh and stay there on my own for a few days, before flying home, again on Saturday.

Doesn't that sound like fun???

I'm not quite sure of the specifics yet. I've an inquiry into a B&B in Edinburgh. I'm not going to book a flight that leaves from there if I can't find a decent, affordable room in the city. Once I know I'll have a place to stay, then I'll book my flights. I've currently got emails out to friends I have not seen in ages, and last night I bought a couple Lonely Planet travel guides for London and Edinburgh.

Truth be told, I've spent more time thinking about Scotland than I have about England. With England, I figured I would just see who could meet up when, and then fill in the gaps. But Scotland... I've never been there, and it's a whole city just waiting to be explored. There are castles to visit, volcanoes to climb, and ghost tours to be taken. How will three days ever be enough?

Planning is half the fun with trips like these, and I'm sure I'll be changing my mind as to my plans right up until I step off the train and try to find my hotel. But that's half the fun too.

Of course, the men in kilts are part of the fun, too. ;-)

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