Monday, March 23, 2009

Squeaky Cleaner.

Third and final day of the cleanse. My caffeine headache is officially gone. Yay!!! Of course, I am so having a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. I am still feeling light and clean, and I know I will not be able to maintain that. There is no way I can continue to eat the volume of greens and veggies I have been without carbs. I'm at the point where if I have to eat another salad people may die.

I must say, out of all the recipes I've made for this cleanse, there is only one I really like. Okay, I haven't actually tried the Ocean Stir-Fry yet, that's for dinner tonight. It scares me. I'm afraid I wasted a lot of money on that because it's gonna taste narsty. Anyway. The black bean stew is spicy, flavorful, filling, and yummy. I added some leftover brown rice and it made it perfect.

Some more things I've learned:
  1. Sprouted mung beans and split mung beans are not the same thing
  2. You can get really sick of roughage
  3. I actually don't mind brown rice, so long as it is the "short-grain variety"
  4. I can go without caffeine quite easily, once the headaches are over
Finally, my back has been killing me yesterday and today. I don't know if I accidently wrenched it in yoga on Saturday, it's some weird side effect of the cleanse, or what. I had to break down and take and advil this morning. Not cleanse-worthy but at least I'm able to sit at my desk today.

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