Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So My Next Thing...

So this weekend when I was out with my Mum I bought a copy of Yoga Journal. I need to just suck it up and subscribe to this. 


In this particular edition was a 3-day cleanse, complete with asanas (yoga positions). I thought... Hmmm, I can do this! I certainly feel like I've been slacking on the healthy eating department, and perhaps my insides could use a little spring cleaning. So... I'm going to do it.

This cleanse is very different from the Master Cleanse. Mainly because they actually encourage to eat. The food they recommend is very simple and healthy: brown rice, fruits, vegs, flax oils and nuts, etc. The asanas they recommend are all positions I enjoy and are gentle enough to hold for a little while. Plus, it's only three days long. So, yeah. I think I can do this!

In order to get ready for this cleanse, one the first things I felt I should do was wean myself off caffeine. Better to wean than go cold turkey. Right? Yeah, well. I'm starting to feel it, I've got to say. I've gone from two very large cups of coffee every morning, to just a smidge of coffee today and two green teas. Tomorrow it's just the two teas. Friday, just one tea. Sigh. It's making my days very, very long.

Did I mention my days are really long without my morning coffee?


I will report back on said cleanse... and whether or not I actually made it through the whole thing. Hopefully I will. The last time I tried the fruit and veggie fast I don't think I even made it one whole day.

Willpower. That's it. 

Now... where did I leave mine again?

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