Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts 7? D? Purple?

1. I am watching Bram Stroker's Dracula. I love this movie. Don't ask me why. Leftover from my vampire-obsession days, I guess.

2. I just ate my own weight in homemade chapatis. Ugh.

3. Tonight I got all crafty and made cute little wreaths for my belly dancing troupe tomorrow. We are Somodivi, or something like that. Bulgarian wood nymphs. So, we gotta wear twigs in the hair of course.

4. If I keep eating I'm not going to fit in my costume tomorrow. Bloat much?

5. I managed to clean the apartment this evening in addition to everything else. Mum is coming down from Newport to go to the show. So I figured I should at least make a passing attempt at straightening up. Don't know why. She's knows what a slob I am.

6. Okay, so tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica totally sucked. I mean, really. It was the second to last episode, and that was the best you could do?? Next week's two-hour finale better kick frakin' ass. Just sayin'.

7. How many times can a girl go grocery shopping in one week? Three. Oh wait, is it four? I need to go again tomorrow. Sigh. All that food would probably last longer if I stopped eating it.

8. Day 7 I think it is without diet pepsi. Hopefully I can make it stick this time. It became a crutch. When I get stressed at work, instead of getting a candy bar or doritos, I was getting a diet pepsi. I guess this is the strange kind of things a girl does after she's lost ~35 pounds. Instead of stress-eating a pint of ben and jerry's, I was drinking 12 oz of diet pepsi. Which is worse?

9. I need to take a shower before I go to bed.

10. That wedding dress Lucy wore in Dracula is really freakin' weird.

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