Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Fan-Fraking-Tastic Saturday

Saturday started off by me waiting for my mum to drive down from Newport. She was coming down for our Myths and Legends performance last night. Once she finally got here, we went out to lunch at the Pub & Brewery and then went shopping. She had a list. When coming down to the "big city" one always needs a list.

Anyway, the show last night. Fanfrakingtastic. I had so much fun!!! All of the dancers were phenomenal! Mine went really well, and I had a lot of positive feedback from it. Definitely a keeper! My friend Heidi's husband was video-taping it, so hopefully I'll be able to post the actual performance here at some point in the near future. I wish I'd thought to give my cousin (who also went) my camera so she could take pictures. Ah well. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

After the performance my cousin Chrissy and I decided we needed to dance. We met up with Jen and Tracie at Retronome (80's music all night long), and were joined later by another Jen.We were there for a couple hours before we got bored with that so headed up to the area gay bar and finished the night off there. Music was much better. I'd been wondering if there was a decent dj in Burlington. Apparently he hides at the Two Friends Cafe. Who knew?

So, now I'm at home, trying to convince myself that going outside to take a walk is okay. It's a stunning bright blue sky out there right now. Tempting for even hardcore vampires. We'll see if I make it out there, or stay inside for fear of turning to dust by the light of the sun.

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