Wow, that was random...

... even for me!

I met my cousin Chrissy (hi Chrissy!) for dinner at a local tex-mex place in town. As we were taking care of the bill, she casually mention that Sweeney Todd was going to be playing at the Flynn Theater. For those of you not in the know, the Flynn is one of Vermont's premier theaters, and it books some pretty good stuff. It still maintains its community roots though. It's a good theater.

So anyway, I say to Chrissy "You know what I want to see? Cirque Eloise. But tonight is the last night they're in town." So she says, let's go! And I'm all like "huh? Hasn't the show already started?"

Nope. We took our seats just as some Flynn chick was up there thanking people who gave the theater money to operate.

So, I saw Cirque Eloise's performance of Nebbia. On a Wednesday night, apropos of nothing. It was really good. I'm not sure human bodies are meant to bend like that, though...


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